I only came to watch

Really.  I swear.

It was my first week back in LA, so I thought, what the hey?  Let’s check out the storytelling scene here.  Like the rest of the East Coast wordies, I’d written off the Los Angeles Moth as a bastion of Professional Handsome Men, telling tales of their professional handsomeness while keeping their best side downstage, toward the crowd full of agents.

What I found when I walked into Busby’s on Wilshire (once I found Wilshire.  Who moved all the roads while I was gone?) was a warm welcoming crowd filled with nerds and weirdos – some of them professionally handsome, sure – and a welcoming air that, frankly, I haven’t felt that strongly in awhile.  And certainly didn’t expect to find in LA, a city I fled in misery six years ago.

So I got me a beverage and settled in to listen to stories about Narrow Escapes.  The weekend before, I started reworking the Zoo story to fit this theme, before getting distracted by a shiny thing (this town is nothing if not shiny) and deciding to simply be a spectator.

Then the final call came to put names in the hat, which coincided with Stella Artois’ arrival in my empty stomach, and then there goes my name, into the hat, which is actually a festive logo tote.  My name joined about 20 others, so the odds weren’t great that I would get called.  I’ve never winged it before at a Moth.  The very thought makes my chest hurt.  But nobody knew me in this room, so what better place to crash and burn?

When my name was called, my mouth went dry and Stella made an attempt to escape.  Oh.  Good.  Lord.  What have I gotten myself into?

A winning story, and a shot at Monday’s GrandSLAM title, that’s what!!


~ by tracyrowland on October 7, 2010.

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