The sound of one saddleshoe clapping

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Robin Gelfenbien runs a monthly storytelling show that involves homemade cake, original songs, and balloon animal jewelry. Add a massage and she’d have all the senses covered. The theme for this show was Socially Awkward. (But then, isn’t that the theme for every show, really?)


2012 Was a Year

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A whole year!  And during that time, a couple of blog-worthy events unfolded:

I made a music video.  With the band CAKE.  Here it is:

As of this writing, we have about 56 thousand hits.  That’s only 7 and a half million fewer than that cat on a roomba.

I also performed with The Liar Show at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, where we made it into the Sunday Scotsman, above the fold.


And so that was 2012.  Thanks for watching.





They Put My Picture in the Wall Street Journal

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…on May 21st.  The same day the world was supposed to end.  I’m not jumping to conclusions.

The previous Wednesday, I was part of the killer lineup at Ben Lillie’s Story Collider, where he brings science to the masses with true tales of everyday life.  It’s sort of a genius idea, but I bet you don’t get to become a high-energy particle physicist by being a moron.  But of course, I wouldn’t know.  Just like I don’t know how to get myself out of a damn zoo after closing hours.  (The original theme of the night was “Zoology,” leading Ben to invite me to tell “that ridiculous zoo story.”  Then the theme changed to “Bodies,” but I was kept on the bill to tell “that ridiculous story featuring….caged…bodies?”  It was a stretch, but I went with it.)

A photographer was there, snapping away, but I didn’t think anything of it.  There’s usually somebody taking pictures at storytelling events, and they only surface if there’s one of me looking like I’m chewing on an invisible log.  Candid photos are not my friends.  But manservant Mike asked the photographer where he was from, and spent the next few days checking the WSJ website, til he hit gold, and shared this:

Manservant is kind of awesome.

So for the first time in ages, I went out and bought an actual physical newspaper.  Okay, ten actual physical newspapers.

It was great to make it into print, but I couldn’t help but notice one glaring oversight:  David Dickerson told far and away the best story of the night, about his adventure skinny-dipping in Red Tide.  It was funny, exhilarating and – like the best stories – really, genuinely moving.  I can only guess that the reporter was in the loo at the time.

Go here to find out when the next Story Collider is, and to hear podcasts from past shows:

The Domino Effect

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Brad Lawrence puts on an amazing show.  I’ve said that before, but this time, there’s proof!  Download the The Standard Issues episode from 2/23 to hear our inaugural attempt at relay storytelling.  A Domino Effect, if you will.

Here’s the link:

How I Learned

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Right now, I should be working on the story I’m telling at tomorrow night’s How I Learned.  But, I’m a bit of a procrastinator.  So instead, I’ll write about how swell the How I Learned series is.

It’s pretty darn swell.

Our host, the lovely Blaise Allysen Kearsley, has a knack for lining up the perfect blend of writers:  the hilarious, the sincere, and my favorite, the hilariously sincere.  She also knows how to pack the joint, so get there early.

Moth GrandSLAM, October 2010

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On October 10th, the kids’ network I’d been working on for months made its worldwide debut.  The following night, I performed in the LA Moth GrandSLAM.  So, not a whole lot of prep time on this one.  The theme was “Without a Net,” which I ended up taking literally.  And I knew that I couldn’t tell a story onstage in Los Angeles without including David Pincus: a beloved friend and natural storyteller.

Sleep With the Monkeys

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One of the mob’s less-intimidating threats.

And a story that won the Los Angeles Slam in August, probably because the judges were all like, “yeah, the same thing once happened to me.”  It’s all about being relatable.